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Attorney General

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The attorney general serves as the state’s chief law enforcement officer and consumer advocate, writing legal opinions to government officials and agencies, defending or initiating lawsuits involving the state, and prosecuting consumer and election fraud, among other duties.

Our current Attorney General, Andy Beshear, is running for Governor, so this race has no incumbent.

The Democratic candidate is Gregory D. Stumbo and his survey responses follow. The Republicans candidate is Daniel Cameron who did not respond to our survey.

Lea las respuestas en español de los candidatos aquí.

Gregory D. Stumbo

Political party: Democrat

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Question 1:

What is your vision for the role of the Kentucky Attorney General? How will our commonwealth be better in four years if you are elected?

I want to make sure the office stays independent and represents all Kentuckians equally. Therefore, as when I was Attorney General previously, I will reopen satellite offices across the Commonwealth to make the office more accessible to everyone.

It is my adamant belief that there is no room for partisan politics in the Office of the Attorney General, and I have and will hold everyone equally accountable to the law. I am dedicated to upholding our state and federal constitutions, and firmly believe personal opinions and politics have no place in that office.

I was the first Attorney General in the nation to sue Purdue Pharma, and I will vigorously pursue the cases pending in Kentucky's courts against others complicit in the drug epidemic that is plaguing our Commonwealth.