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Kentucky House District 28

Ramona Jade Thomas filed to challenge incumbent Charlie Miller in the June 23 Democratic primary but since announced on Facebook she was suspending her campaign. Her name will still appear on the ballot.

No Republicans filed for this seat, so the primary winner will be unopposed in the November election. Miller did not reply to the survey.

The district is located in southwestern Jefferson County.

Ramona Jade Thomas

Political party: Democrat

Campaign website:

Campaign Facebook: Facebook

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Question 1:

What’s your vision for Kentucky? How will the lives of Kentuckians be improved as a result of your time in office?

I fully believe we can turn Kentucky around and make it a model of transformative progress for other states to look to. With strong progressives in government, we can right this ship and turn things around so that we won't rank near the bottom of just about every metric in the country.

We can protect the working class, overturning anti-union legislation and enacting new laws to protect worker's right to organize, increasing our minimum wage to not only lift many Kentuckians out of poverty, but also to stimulate our economy. If we protect and take care of our workers, everyone benefits.

We can expand medicaid as we transition to a strong single-payer healthcare system that provides every citizen with comprehensive healthcare coverage.

We can fully fund our public schools and ensure that we have the best teachers in the country, and that every student in the state receives a high quality education.

We can get hate and discrimination out of our laws, and protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

We can make Kentucky a shining beacon that stands out in the region, and we can do it without losing the things that make Kentucky unique.Did not respond.