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Louisville Metro Council District 6

David James is seeking to retain his seat representing District 6 on the Louisville Metro Council. His responses to the KFTC candidate survey follow. A primary challenger, Courtney Phelps, will appear on the ballot but has been disqualified and votes for Phelps will not be counted.

James will face Republican Kristi "Kristina" Smith in November. Smith has no primary opposition.

Map of District 6.

David James

Political party: Democrat

Campaign Facebook: Facebook

Question 1:

What skills, values, and experiences will you bring to this position? What is your vision for Metro Louisville, and how will the lives of Louisvillians be improved as a result of your time in office?

Life long Resident of Louisville, 30 years as a law enforcement professional, served in the US Army Reserves as a intelligence analyst and 9 years as the elected councilman of the 6th district. I’ve served as the Majority Caucus Chair of The Metro Council, Chair of the Public Safety Committee and President of The Metro Council for 3 Years.

My vision for Metro Louisville is one that insures that all areas of Louisville are served equally and fairly. That we address our transparency, housing, education, equity, economic development , public safety , health equity, the budget , infrastructure, arts and culture and job training short comings aggressively.. If elected to serve the 6th district , I will continue to address these issues , which will lift all of our citizens.