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David James

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Question 1: 

What skills, values, and experiences will you bring to this position? What is your vision for Metro Louisville, and how will the lives of Louisvillians be improved as a result of your time in office?

Life long Resident of Louisville, 30 years as a law enforcement professional, served in the US Army Reserves as a intelligence analyst and 9 years as the elected councilman of the 6th district. I’ve served as the Majority Caucus Chair of The Metro Council, Chair of the Public Safety Committee and President of The Metro Council for 3 Years.

My vision for Metro Louisville is one that insures that all areas of Louisville are served equally and fairly. That we address our transparency, housing, education, equity, economic development , public safety , health equity, the budget , infrastructure, arts and culture and job training short comings aggressively.. If elected to serve the 6th district , I will continue to address these issues , which will lift all of our citizens.

Question 2: 

What initiatives will you support to decrease the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers, particularly in communities of color? What is your position on an independent civilian review of any police shooting resulting in a death? What other resources should Metro Council provide to improve public safety in your district and across Louisville?

Yes, I support a independent review of police shootings. I will Continue to push the Mayor for new leadership at LMPD.

Question 3: 

Jail overcrowding is a huge issue in Louisville, and one that disproportionately impacts Black Louisvillians. What role do you think that ending cash bail and supporting alternatives to incarceration can play in addressing this issue?

I feel ending cash bail, would be a step in the right direction in justice reform. I also feel Restoritive Practices should be included to a greater degree in our justice system.

Question 4: 

How would you include constituents in your district and across Louisville in the development of the annual Metro Louisville budget? What area(s) of the budget would you prioritize funding? What revenue increases would you propose to meet our city’s future budget needs?

I was one of two council members that instituted participatory budgeting a year ago as a test. I wish to do it again on a annual bases once we learn the best practices to make sure it works well. I hope to raise revenue through, a restaurant tax, increase in the bed tax , a alcohol tax and a local option sales tax. Then reduce our local payroll tax to better diversify our revenue streams.

My priorities in the budget start with public safety, then everything else lines up after that.

Question 5: 

What are the main impacts of the global climate crisis in your community and what would you do to address the public health effects of this crisis on people in your district? 

Addressing climate change should be a plan that has measurable goals and out comes. Environmental Justice should be a primary concern for metro government. My district sufferers a decreased life expectancy from poverty’s effects, changing that narrative is vital.

Question 6: 

What is your plan for increasing access to safe, affordable housing and ensuring that long term residents are not displaced from neighborhoods that are undergoing redevelopment? What is your position on tenant's rights ordinances such as the proposed Clean Hands housing ordinance? Please explain. 

Due to state law , the clean hands ordinance can’t be implemented at a local level. Community based land trusts should be developed to help fight against gentrification and displacement. Implementing a plan to generate home ownership and skill trades development for local residents is one of my highest priorities.

I also plan to continue funding the affordable housing trust fund, and focusing it on the lowest levels of housing needs.

Question 7: 

What are your plans to create and expand support and resources toward our immigrant population, undocumented or otherwise?

Supporting and protecting our immigrant population is one of my priorities. Supporting the non profits that support our immigrant families is essential.