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Jecorey Arthur

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Question 1: 

What skills, values, and experiences will you bring to this position? What is your vision for Metro Louisville, and how will the lives of Louisvillians be improved as a result of your time in office?

My skills are in education, business, and organizing.

My values are in youth, justice, and localness.

I've served hundreds of schools, libraries, and community centers, teaching hundreds of thousands of children; composed music for percussion, orchestra, choir, theatre, film, television, radio, and studio albums, representing Louisville to an audience of half a million worldwide; and organized hundreds of community events, hiring thousands of local vendors, artists, and entertainers, while managing over $1,000,000 in funding.

My vision for Metro Louisville is a Louisville For All, where everyone has a job paying livable wages, affordable housing, zero concerns with safety, youth have opportunities, arts are integrated into our society, residents have access to fresh food, and everyone is included. The lives of Louisvillians will be improved when I dedicate myself to seeing this vision through.

Question 2: 

What initiatives will you support to decrease the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers, particularly in communities of color? What is your position on an independent civilian review of any police shooting resulting in a death? What other resources should Metro Council provide to improve public safety in your district and across Louisville?

I will support Metro’s Synergy Project for strengthening public relations and LMPD’s Community Unit for quality outreach to our citizens. I will also support fair policing across neighborhoods and focused recruitment for black and brown police officers. When LMPD has strong rapport with citizens, fair policing in communities of color, and more police of color, their culture will change and so will the way residents view them.

I support independent civilian reviews for police shootings resulting in deaths, but the board or committee needs to be reflective of the community where the shooting took place. This will help give a clear perspective of the officer's trust and work in the area, which is important to consider in such serious circumstances.

Alongside citizens we need to make sure businesses and tourism destinations are protected and appropriate presence is in place to deter crime.
Question 3: 

Jail overcrowding is a huge issue in Louisville, and one that disproportionately impacts Black Louisvillians. What role do you think that ending cash bail and supporting alternatives to incarceration can play in addressing this issue?

This issue relates to the policing question. When police and judges have racial biases, Black Louisvillians are arrested then incarcerated at higher rates. The ending of cash bail would be helpful, but a proactive solution would be to fix the economic conditions of Black Louisvillians, who like Black Americans across the country, have been locked into a bottom caste. An alternative to incarceration is appropriation. We need to appropriate funds for business loans that serve Black Communities instead of wasting tax dollars on destroying families, lives, and livelihood. If a drug dealer can sell drugs, they can sell fresh produce. If a drug dealer can organize kids to do crime, they can organize kids to do community service. If a drug dealer can successfully operate an illegal business, they can successfully operate a nonprofit or after-school program that benefits the neighborhood they live in. This would also help decrease other drug-related crimes such as homicide and robbery.

Question 4: 

How would you include constituents in your district and across Louisville in the development of the annual Metro Louisville budget? What area(s) of the budget would you prioritize funding? What revenue increases would you propose to meet our city’s future budget needs?

As councilman I will start a District 4 Summit where our neighborhoods meet to discuss problems and solutions, including the city budget. All of my votes and decisions on council would be based on constituents. From what voters have shared with me so far we would prioritize funding for jobs, livability (housing), and public safety, with education closely after.

We can increase revenue by legalizing cannabis, expanding gaming, and forming public/private partnerships that can help grow local businesses.

Question 5: 

What are the main impacts of the global climate crisis in your community and what would you do to address the public health effects of this crisis on people in your district? 

Louisville is the fastest warming urban heat island in the U.S. which leads to higher temperatures, more insects with diseases, a weaker tree canopy, increased allergy issues, and more rainfall.

I would support the work of TreesLouisville, MSD, and other environmental efforts. It’s also important to make sure we have environmentally educated constituents so we can all fight the crisis together.

Question 6: 

What is your plan for increasing access to safe, affordable housing and ensuring that long term residents are not displaced from neighborhoods that are undergoing redevelopment? What is your position on tenant's rights ordinances such as the proposed Clean Hands housing ordinance? Please explain. 

I would support the work of current programs such as LHOME, New Directions, and others as well as seek private/public partnerships with developers to help all residents get access to affordable housing.

I would work with state reps to protect renters and help neighborhoods not only understand the developments in their areas but also have a say in them. I would support the property tax change but work to revise it so renters and owners with fixed incomes aren't displaced when they can’t afford repairs.

I support the Clean Hands Housing Ordinance. We have been catering to exploitative tenants for too long at the expense of families suffering.

Question 7: 

What are your plans to create and expand support and resources toward our immigrant population, undocumented or otherwise?

Louisville needs to be a sanctuary/safe city for immigrants and refugees.

I would support our immigrant service providers such as Americana, Kentucky Refugee Ministries, and Catholic Charities of Louisville Migration and Refugee Services.