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RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart

Political party: 
Question 1: 

What skills, values, and experiences will you bring to this position? What is your vision for Metro Louisville, and how will the lives of Louisvillians be improved as a result of your time in office?

As a veteran, business owner, and philanthropist, I am bringing a fresh perspective on how to make Louisville a top tier city. From the growing tech businesses to health care, Louisville is set to be just that. My vision is to move this city forward by investing big in small businesses and ensuring schools are properly funded to educate our next generation. Louivillians lives will be improved by knowing that there will be someone on the council that is passionate about buying local and growing a stronger school system.

Question 2: 

What initiatives will you support to decrease the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers, particularly in communities of color? What is your position on an independent civilian review of any police shooting resulting in a death? What other resources should Metro Council provide to improve public safety in your district and across Louisville?

I will support the immediate release of videos of body cameras. In depth Diversity training is needed in the police academy and then every 3 months while on the force. I support the having an independent civilian review of police shooting. Fresh unbiased eyes make a difference in these tough situations. I also think ridealongs with civilians will help improve pubic safety by educating Louisvillians on how to interact with the police and vice versa.

Question 3: 

Jail overcrowding is a huge issue in Louisville, and one that disproportionately impacts Black Louisvillians. What role do you think that ending cash bail and supporting alternatives to incarceration can play in addressing this issue?

I think ending cash bail would give much needed financial relief to the family of the accused. Lower income and African Americans are more likely to spend the night behind bars because they can not post bail. They would also be able to stay at home with their family while awaiting trial. With so many false arrests and wrongful convictions having ending cash bail would have a great impact on preventing overcrowding. Alternatives to incarceration such as like community service and house arrest would help correct behavior without contributing to the big business of the prison system.

Question 4: 

How would you include constituents in your district and across Louisville in the development of the annual Metro Louisville budget? What area(s) of the budget would you prioritize funding? What revenue increases would you propose to meet our city’s future budget needs?

Constituents would definitely be included in the discussion of setting the annual city budget. By holding open town halls to discuss where top funding will go you allow citizens to be involved in moving the city forward. Education and city maintenance should always be at the top of list. To increase revenue we need to look at expanding gaming and hemp sales.

Question 5: 

What are the main impacts of the global climate crisis in your community and what would you do to address the public health effects of this crisis on people in your district? 

The impacts of the global climate crisis can be seen in our utilities. The cost of heating and cooling puts a financial strain on households that are already struggling to make ends meet so when you have to run your a/c in the winter and then your heat it drives cost up. Flooding and droughts are also issues that come up because of the climate. The quality of air and the higher temperatures can also increase the formation of ground level ozone. Ozone has a variety of health effects, agitates lung disease such as asthma, and increases the risk of premature death. We have to severely reduce our carbon footprint. Transitioning from fossil fuel, updating building codes, and using solar power would all help.

Question 6: 

What is your plan for increasing access to safe, affordable housing and ensuring that long term residents are not displaced from neighborhoods that are undergoing redevelopment? What is your position on tenant's rights ordinances such as the proposed Clean Hands housing ordinance? Please explain. 

My plan is to combat Gentrification of low income areas by working with developers to ensure more affordable housing projects are built. Residents will have trainings to attend to promote money management and eventually home ownership in those areas that are being underserved. Tenant’s deserve to live in places that are up to code no matter their background.

Question 7: 

What are your plans to create and expand support and resources toward our immigrant population, undocumented or otherwise?

Our plan is to create a hub that will serve as a connection for immigrants to receive the Necessary people and information needed to build a flourishing life in Kentucky. This will be on going with meetings twice a month.