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Jason Morgan

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Question 1: 

What’s your vision for Richmond? How will the lives of the people in our community be improved as a result of your time in office?

Richmond is the ideal community that is easy to come to and hard to leave. We are blessed with many resources that help position us to succeed. For Richmond to meet our potential, we must continue to invest in our safety, invest in our quality of life, and focus on our economy. With these core components in place, Richmond will continue to enjoy a growing community.  My vision of Richmond is a community working together, exemplifying our core values, and meeting the needs of our citizens. During my time on the commission, our community has seen continued job growth, improved citizen engagement, and investments in social programs that improve the lives of all citizens. We will continue to be a citizen-first community.


Question 2: 

Over the past several years, many Richmond residents, particularly residents of color, have found it difficult to find meaningful employment that is accessible to them. What steps will you take to ensure that communities of color have the same employment opportunities as other Richmond communities, and to ensure that every part of the city benefits from economic development?

In 2019 the City of Richmond laid out an Economic Development Strategy with the purpose of improving the lives of all citizens. Our strategy is a holistic approach, focusing on job growth, community development, and quality of life investment. Richmond embraces the motto “we are better together.” Inclusiveness is on the forefront of every decision we make. Our energy and advocacy will always center on ensuring everyone in our community has a fair chance to obtain a job and enjoy the benefits of living the American Dream.

Question 3: 

Richmond is one of the most racially and ethnically diverse cities in Central Kentucky and has many vibrant neighborhoods. Yet people of color are underrepresented on community boards and within city staff positions. What steps can the city take to make sure that community boards and city employment are representative of the city as a whole?

In reference to Richmond’s community boards, The mayor and commissioners have agreed to seek diversity on our community boards. As positions on our community boards come open, the City publicly notifies the citizens of the open seats seeks qualified individuals to serve. Since January 2019, Richmond’s boards have more minorities serving on them. In regards to employment, we have had discussions on ways to improve notification of open jobs. We have challenged our leadership team to improve the minority application pool and are hopeful we will see results of our efforts as city jobs become available.

Question 4: 

Over the past few years Immigration and Customs Enforcement has expanded its operation throughout Kentucky. This operation targets people on their way to work, is alleged to work without warrants, and fails to communicate with local officials. In order to ensure that residents feel safe, particularly those in our immigrant communities, and to encourage everyone in Richmond to be open with local officials, would you support sanctuary policies to protect undocumented persons residing or working within our city?

This is not an issue in our community.

Question 5: 

Currently people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ+) lack protection from discrimination in housing, employment, or public accommodation under state or federal law. Eighteen cities or counties in Kentucky have passed their own expanded human rights ordinance, often referred to as a Fairness Ordinance, to extend protections to LGBTQ+ individuals. These cities include towns as small as Vicco (population 334), as large as Louisville (population 760,026), and as nearby as Lexington (population 323,780). Do you support a Fairness Ordinance for Richmond to protect LGBTQ+ individuals from discrimination? Why or why not?

Anti-discrimination laws are more effective when by state and federal governments.

Question 6: 

Jail overcrowding is a huge issue in Madison County with the jail currently at 197% of capacity. Since Richmond is the largest city in the county, how do you think the city council should be involved in helping to reduce the number of Richmond residents in the criminal justice system and more residents thriving and supported in our communities?

County government is solely responsible for our jail. The citizens of Richmond, also being citizens of Madison County, should not be twice burdened with the county jail’s problems. Richmond is currently researching the benefit of employing a social worker. One of the social worker’s responsibilities will be to connect at-risk individuals with community resources and reducing recidivism