KFTC's New Power PAC endorses Sellus Wilder for U.S. Senate | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth
Release Date: 
Monday, March 28, 2016
Press Contact: 
Dana Beasley Brown
KFTC Chairperson

KFTC's New Power PAC endorses Sellus Wilder for U.S. Senate
Democratic primary is May 17

The following letter was sent to KFTC members. We are making the media aware of this endorsement.

Dear Fellow KFTC Members,

I am writing all KFTC members, on behalf of the KFTC Executive Committee, with important news. Today, we are announcing that KFTC’s New Power PAC is endorsing Sellus Wilder in the Democratic primary for United States Senate.

The purpose of our New Power PAC is to lift up the voices of ordinary Kentuckians in critical elections, to educate the public and the candidates on the need and opportunity to create new economic, energy and political power in Kentucky, and to shine a light on candidates who share our vision for a brighter future.

We are honored to recommend Sellus Wilder to all the KFTC membership, to our friends and allies, and to the public. He has pledged to run “an open-hearted and truthful campaign, rooted in compassion for all Kentuckians.” Sellus has a compelling vision for a healthy and prosperous Kentucky and is conducting an open and honest conversation with the voters.

We are pleased that Sellus Wilder shares KFTC’s commitment to a just economic transition in Eastern Kentucky. He is a strong proponent of clean and affordable energy. He supports new job creation, higher wages and access to heath care for all Kentuckians. Sellus shares our position in support of restoration of voting rights. He has pledged to protect and strengthen the laws that keep our communities safe and our children healthy. His positions today reflect his work in the past and are strongly aligned with KFTC’s vision and values.

KFTC will be active in the upcoming election in many ways. We will continue to lift up the issues that we all care about for discussion and consideration. We will publish an online voter guide with answers and information on all the Senate candidates and candidates in other local and state races. We’ll help new voters register, all voters learn about the candidates and as many voters as possible get to the polls on May 17. I hope you will be involved with your local chapter in helping our democracy work the way it’s supposed to.

We appreciate each of the candidates who have offered themselves up for consideration by the voters. We had to select from more than one strong and principled candidate for this office, and we are pleased to endorse Sellus Wilder for Senate.

Thanks so much for your support and your commitment to KFTC and Kentucky.

Dana Beasley Brown