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General Assembly

Kentucky State Senate and House E-Mail Addresses - 2019

Kentucky State Senate and House of Representatives E-Mail Addresses, updated for the 2019 General Assembly

SB 100, A Bill To Curtail Rooftop Solar Is Unfair And Discriminatory

A description of what's wrong with SB 100, which is being ramrodded through the legislature in the 2019 KY GA. 

Solar Lobby Day

Utilities have spent

State of the Commonwealth Address live screening and discussion

As we head into the 2019 elections in Kentucky (Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer and others), it’s more important than ever that we look for opportunities to shine a light on the many ways our current administration is hurting Kentuckians. From Medicaid restrictions to blatant and covert racism, our governor must be held accountable for his words and actions.


KFTC members and allies claim the House, meet with Bevin

Chanting “Whose House? The people’s House! Whose House? Our House!” KFTC members sent a message to legislators and the governor that Kentuckians have a right to be in the capitol.

As the legislature resumed on February 5 after a recess, members were in Frankfort to lead a series of “spontaneous” mini rallies that started small and grew in number as participants moved throughout the capitol annex toward the governor’s office. Why mini-rallies? One of Gov. Matt Bevin's new regulations to limit public participation defines a rally as four or more people.


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