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General Assembly

Central Kentucky Chapter Meeting & General Assembly Training

It's a new year and we're excited about what's in store for Central Kentucky KFTC!


Join us for our monthly chapter meeting. We'll focus this month on the upcoming General Assembly -- how we can engage from home or in person, how to craft our vision for a more just Kentucky, and how to navigate the ever-shifting waters of the legislative session.


This isn't good government. Call now.

KFTC is working for a healthy democracy--one that encourages people to vote, and that honors processes that uphold checks and balances to prevent the abuse of power.

Governor Bevin just called a Special Session beginning tonight at 8:00pm eastern. The purpose of the Special Session is to try to ram through the policies of the so-called “sewer bill,” which was passed in a way that was recently ruled unconstitutional by the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Appalachian water crisis demands new revenue streams, stronger oversight

Personal stories of families collecting rainwater, going without laundry or bathing, and keeping children out of school seem like the stuff of a hurricane aftermath or other weather emergency — not routine life in America.

Stirring the Waters: Investigating why many in Appalachia lack reliable, clean water

For many families in Eastern Kentucky and Southern West Virginia, the absence of clean, reliable drinking water has become part of daily life.


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