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KFTC Town Halls

In February and March KFTC will be hosting Town Halls across Kentucky. Join in!

Find your nearest
Town Hall

April town halls are being planned in Barren, Perry, Harlan and Rowan counties and in Central Kentucky.


KFTC is working for a day when the voices of ordinary people are heard and respected in our democracy. Elected officials who vote on our behalf have a responsibility to listen to us, their constituents. That’s why KFTC is launching the KFTC Town Hall Initiative.

Town halls are a democratic practice that pre-date even the founding of this country. They embody a type of participatory democracy that values everyone’s voice and supports decisions that reflect our best collective judgment and values.

We need participatory democracy, now. The 2018 General Assembly is at a pivotal point. Legislators are making decisions that will impact our families and communities for generations – decisions about our jobs, schools, pensions, economic security, even our democracy. Now is the time to lift our hopes and concerns, and our expectations for how lawmakers can join us to create a brighter future.

 Join in! Here's how:

Town Halls are being scheduled now. Find yours on the right, or stay tuned to your local chapter.

Reach out to your local organizer if you'd like to be on the planning team.

Plan to attend, and invite your friends and neighbors. 



Or, organize your own Town Hall. Check out our toolkit for resources and support!

You'll find:

  • sample agendas

  • sample press releases and advisories

  • suggested roles for friends, allies, and neighbors to fill

  • sample invitations to panelists and legislators



Engaging with legislators:

  • Come lobby with us in Frankfort! Fill out this form to let us know if you can lobby with us while the General Assembly is in session. First-time lobbyists are especially encouraged to join us!

  • Call or write your legislators to let them know your views on important issues.

  • Set up a meeting with your legislators in your home district during the off-season.

  • Call the toll-free Legislative Message Line (1-800-372-7181) to leave a message for any legislator or group of legislators.

  • Many legislators are on twitter. Find yours!