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Kentucky Senate District 27

Write-In candidate Gene Barry Detherage Jr. and Libertarian Bryan Shumate Short are running against Republican incumbent Stephen West for the Senate District 27 seat. As a write-in candidate, Detherage's name will not appear on the ballot. There is no Democratic candidate.

The district includes Bourbon, Fleming, Harrison, Lewis, Mason, Nicholas, Robertson and Rowan counties.

Thanks to Detherage for responding to the KFTC candidate survey.

Gene Detherage Jr.

Political party: Nonpartisan

Campaign website:

Campaign Facebook: Facebook

Question 1:

What’s your vision for Kentucky? How will the lives of Kentuckians be improved as a result of your time in office? What legislative committees will you request to serve on once elected? 

My vision for Kentucky is one in which politicians are no longer operating as party pawns but strive each day to be the servants they are to the people they have been elected to serve. This vision includes public policies across a wide spectrum of issues but most importantly uses evidence and data, along with a genuine balance of interests, to drive policy goals. The lives of Kentuckians would be improved through greater access to, and transparency from, their government. I would hope to enable each and every Kentuckian the ability to pursue the best interests of their community through real representative government. Further, I would hope my time in office would allow me to target specific regulations which cut out special interests for small groups and prevent equitable access to our economy and stifle innovation, I would further hope to challenge or circumvent similar Federal regulations. I would hope to serve on the following committees: Agriculture Appropriations & Revenue: Sub. on Justice & Judiciary Economic Development, Tourism, and Labor Judiciary Natural Resources & Energy State & Local Government