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Tentative settlement reached in LG&E and Kentucky Utilities rate hike case

Bill increases will be reduced

April 22, 2021

Future energy bills won’t be quite as steep for LG&E and Kentucky Utilities customers thanks to the intervention of several public interest groups. A negotiated settlement with the two monopoly utilities that reduces the revenue increases they sought by one third, increases investment in bill assistance to low-income residents, and eliminates proposed increases to the flat monthly service charge that would have affected all residential gas and electric customers. 

Lexington Breonna’s Law Town Hall

March 1, 2021

It is time for Lexington to step up and join other cities in support of a Breonna's Law to ban no-knock police warrants. A distinguished panel organized by Lex-Stand for Breonna's Law Coalition will discuss what such a local ordinance should do how how it can be implemented.

Kentucky Power rate increase proposal also would reduce solar energy jobs for Kentuckians

November 16, 2020

The bright potential of the rooftop solar industry for eastern Kentucky could be quickly extinguished if Kentucky Power’s proposed net metering rates are approved by the Public Service Commission.