2020 Annual Chapter Meetings | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

2020 Annual Chapter Meetings

K.A. Owens"One of the good things about KFTC is the democratic process by which leadership is chosen. This yearly process, beginning in June, is a great opportunity for members to come out and actually steer their organization.”

K.A. Owens
Jefferson County

KFTC chapters will hold their annual chapter meetings this year in August, later than usual because of the pandemic. All meetings will be held online.

These meetings are an important part of our democratic process where members have the opportunity to:

All chapter members are encouraged to participate in these meetings. For more information about each item, please click on the links above. Here's a suggested agenda for the chapter annual meetings.

To learn when and how your local chapter will meet, check out the calendar below. You are welcome and encouraged to nominate yourself or other chapter members to any leadership positions. You’ll learn a lot by accepting one or more of these roles, and your involvement helps KFTC build power.

2020 Chapter Annual Meetings


Resources for annual chapter meetings