Energy Democracy

Renew East Kentucky header image

As Kentuckians, we want what everybody wants:

  • more affordable energy
  • good jobs that don’t do damage to our land, air, or water
  • a say in the important decisions that affect us
  • healthy communities.

This is why we're working hard to renew east Kentucky

Renew East Kentucky is an organizing campaign to move Kentucky’s rural electric co-ops toward cleaner energy, increased energy efficiency, and more open and democratic governance. It will also open the door to thousands of new jobs.

We have a vision for a renewed east Kentucky, and we're taking action:

  • KFTC members are working with electric co-ops in a Clean Energy Collaborative, looking together for ways to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • Members are stepping up to participate in co-op decisions and working on co-op reforms – from running for co-op boards of directors to passing a Members' Bill of Rights – to make the co-ops more open, fair and transparent.
Renew East Kentucky will be an important step in transitioning our region to a sustainable and healthy economy that is good for all of us.