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Happy Tax Day!

KFTC members want good jobs, good schools, healthy and vibrant communities, and plenty of opportunities for our children to be happy and successful.  While members recognize the impact of elected leaders who are less than ideal, they also recognize the role of our state and federal governments.  Through government, we the people work together to accomplish great things, like teaching our kids, training our brain surgeons, maintaining our roads and bridges, and making sure that every child has enough food to eat.

So, happy tax day!  That said, there's plenty of room for improvement in our state and federal tax structures.


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The graph above shows the how effective tax rates have changed for different levels of income since the 1960s. The graph is from the New York Times, if it's a little hard to read here.

After you click submit or get back from the post office, check out some of these tax justice resources!

  • This post from one of our national allies, United for a Fair Economy, with some great resources for learning more about federal taxes and the current landscape.
  • The Stanford Center for Poverty and Inequality has put together a set of 20 sobering facts about inequality. Take a look.
  • The Buffett Rule is a guiding principle proposed by President Obama saying that millionaires should pay the same tax rates as everyone else. Check out this handy tool to learn more about how the rates that you pay compare with the rates of millionaires. 
  • Kentucky's tax code is due for some good reforms, and the Blue Ribbon Commission is interested in learning your ideas. Check out the next issue of _balancing the scales_ for some tools to get involved and take action!
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