Madison County Friend-Raiser Fun! | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Madison County Friend-Raiser Fun!

On Saturday, more than 70 KFTC members and friends came together in rural Madison County to enjoy some friendship, food, and fun.  We have locally-raised pork BBQ, a delicious potluck, music from a popular local band, corn-hole and other yard games, a silent auction to raise money for KFTC, and much more!  The Friend-Raiser is becoming an annual event in Madison County -- with the main purpose of the event focused on coming together with other KFTC members to celebrate the work we do over the year and encourage new faces to come out and get to know KFTC in an informal setting.  A secondary goal is to raise financial support for KFTC's work.  A big thanks to Nathan and Jessa Turner for donating the use of their wonderful farm for the Friend-Raiser. 

The event was so successful, that even a little hail-storm couldn't slow us down.  Or, okay, maybe it slowed us down for a little bit -- but after we paused for the hail and lightning storm -- we picked ourselves back up, dried ourselves off, and continued onward with our merrymaking!

Friend-Raiser 10 22010_05_15 HomeGrown Hideaways KFTC FriendRaiser (9)Friend-Raiser sign in table2010_05_15 HomeGrown Hideaways KFTC FriendRaiser (41)2010_05_15 HomeGrown Hideaways KFTC FriendRaiser (60)Hail stormSize of hail

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