May Jefferson County chapter meeting report | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

May Jefferson County chapter meeting report

Here’s some highlights from the May Jefferson County chapter meeting: 

  • The primary voter empowerment campaign registered 84 new voters and inspired countless more at three different locations around the city. 
  • Mary Love, our Leadership Development Committee representative, introduced new written rules for nominating and electing people to the statewide KFTC positions. At the annual chapter meeting and potluck, which will take place on Monday, June 9 @6:30pm, Jefferson County nominations will be collected and voted on within the chapter. Any current member is free to volunteer or nominate other members for positions.  Local nominations will be voted on at the August 22-24 state-wide annual meeting. The Leadership Development Committee would appreciate asking the nominee if they are interested before names are passed up for state-wide approval. 
  • The chapters; Smoketown canvassing project will survey our new neighbors about their attitudes toward the area, offer to register unregistered voters, and raise awareness about KFTC May 20th and May 31st at 5:30. Anyone interested should come and bring a friend.  Training will be held at the KFTC office before two person teams start canvassing.  Information will be shared with city officials and other non-profits to guide decision making in the area. The survey is also designed to identify people who may be interested in forming a neighborhood association to represent Smoketown as Louisville develops a new Hope VI on the site of demolished Sheppard Square housing project at the outset of a decade long $157 million development agenda.