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Redistricting Victory!

Exciting and final news today about legislative redistricting in the Kentucky Legislature:

Kentucky high court blocks use of newly-drawn legislative districts

By Jack Brammer 

FRANKFORT — The Kentucky Supreme Court has blocked implementation of the newly drawn boundaries for state legislative districts, a move that will keep Democratic Sen. Kathy Stein’s district in Lexington. 

In a two-page order issued a few hours after hearing oral arguments in the case Friday morning, the state’s highest court upheld Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd’s ruling that this year’s redistricting was unconstitutional...

For the full Herald-Leader story, click here.

So that's that.  The undemocratic and partisan redistricting plans pushed by Democratic House leadership and Republican Senate leadership have been unanimously deemed unconstitutional by the Kentucky Supreme Court. 

We'll keep our old districts for this year's election and the legislature will have to come up with new, and legal redistricting for future years.  Hopefully they'll be less greedy and more likely to listen to the wishes of the people this time.

The ultimate victory was in the courts, but KFTC successfully mobilized people throughout the state on this issue over the last month, organizing two rallies, a successful campaign to ask the Lexington City Council to pass a resolution against the redistricting, had numerous meetings with legislators, wrote letters to the editor and used social media to great effect in raising awareness around a redistricting process that our elected leaders largely tried to slip past the people quietly and quickly. 

Congratulations.  It looks like good government and reason won the day and we should take a moment to celebrate that. 

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