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Voting Rights Presentations Across the Commonwealth

Citizen lobbying on KFTC's issues doesn't just happen through direct contact with legislators.  We also do a lot of broad public education and leadership development work, which is at least as important. 

In the case of our work to restore voting rights to former felons who have served their debt to society, we've had a lot of public presentations lately to build a strong base of support throughout the state.

Last night, Scott County KFTC leader Homer White talked to students at Georgetown College, some of whom will be coming to our big Voting Rights Lobby Day and Rally in 2 weeks. 

The Farm

Earlier this week, we visited two classes at St. Catharine College in Washington County to give an extended presentation on Voting Rights and how it related to Criminal Justice and Logic/Philosophy.  The Chaplain of the college told us a powerful story about a friend of his and co-worker who got in trouble for cultivation of marijuana and served 2 months in jail over 25 years ago and still doesn't have the right to vote. 

Central Kentucky leader Danny Cotton met with another class, in Lexington, sharing a wealth of knowledge he's gained over the years working on the issue with us and leading citizen lobby teams. 

We also visited a Lexington Tea Party meeting last week and gave a presentation about Voting Rights.  Many people might not consider our groups natural allies, but a lot of very different organizations really see eye to eye on this issue and we shouldn't shy away from working together when it makes sense.  Folks asked great questions and challenged a lot of our points, but in the end, almost everyone in the room agreed to contact their legislators and ask them to support HB 70. 

Sec of State Visit

KFTC members James Snyder, Jason Smith, and Danny Cotton met with the Assistant Secretary of State about HB 70 and that meeting went well too.  Secretary of State Alison Ludergan Grimes campaigned on the issue of supporting voting rights and it was especially powerful for Jason Smith and James Snyder to be there to tell stories about losing the right to vote themselves. 

If you'd like to organize a Voting Rights event in your area, please contact KFTC's Voter Empowerment Organizer Dave Newton at 859-420-8919 or  It could be a presentation possibly including a former felon telling his or her story, video showing or a panel discussion.  We just want to create a space for the public to think about this issue.

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