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Leadership Development

NKY Racial Justice Meeting

Join KFTC members as we discuss ongoing work around issues related to racial justice. This includes fighting hate, promoting fair immigration reform, just treatment for all residents of Kentucky, and more. 

Constitutional Convention Workshop

Join KFTC members and others as we learn more about what a constitutional convention is, how we can help stop it, and what it will take in the coming general assembly!

Jefferson County Chapter Meeting

Join us for our August chapter meeting! We'll be focusing on POWER: what it is, who has it, and how we access our collective power to maker our community stronger, fairer, and more democratic. We'll use a tool that will help us understand our local landscape of power. Come learn and share with us! 

Northern Kentucky hosts resistance cookout

Members of the Northern Kentucky chapter hosted a cookout and potluck this past weekend, inviting folks to attend to share food, discuss the work that community members have done around healthcare, racial justice, climate change, and more. The event included not just food, but an hour long panel discussion led by leaders in local organizations focused on some of this work.


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