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Protect miners from silica dust exposure

Summary of the issue

Rates of Black Lung disease have hit a 25-year high in Appalachian coal mining states and there is increasing evidence that exposure to silica dust is driving this resurgence, particularly in regard to the most severe form of the disease. 

The Mine Act under which the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) operates requires the agency to regulate dust so that “no miner will suffer material impairment of health or functional capacity,” even if that miner were to spend his/her entire working life in the mines.  In 1995 the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) looked at MSHA's 2.0 mg/m³ coal dust standard and determined that it was not sufficiently protective of miners and that the level should be reduced by half. NIOSH also found that crystalline silica constituted a particular lung hazard to coal miners and recommended that the exposure limit be reduced from 100µg/m³ to 50µg/m³. 

Tell the PSC Kentuckians want clean, affordable energy!

Will you help us tell the Kentucky Public Service Commission that solar works for all Kentuckians?

Kentuckians keep showing up to demand clean, affordable energy and good jobs that benefit all of us, not just a few monopoly utility companies. But earlier this year, our state legislators chose to cripple Kentucky solar industry through a utility-backed bill.

Citizens Call for a Public Forum to Discuss Possible Pollution in Herrington Lake

Satellite image showing the proximity between the EW Brown Coal Ash Pond and Herrington Lake

Concerned citizens from Garrard, Mercer, and Boyle Counties are urging Kentucky Utilities to hold a public forum to share information the utility has collected about possibly toxic levels of pollutants in Herrington Lake. Drinking water for these 3 counties is drawn from the Lake and reporting over the past couple of years has created worries among residents that their drinking water could be carrying heavy metals and other toxins from the the unlined coal ash pond found at the EW Brown Generating Station. 

Take Action for Democracy!

Here in Kentucky, we do better together. If a friend or neighbor needs help, we lend a hand. And we all pitch in to make sure our communities have the things we need, like good schools, libraries, and parks. But some elected leaders put their corporate donors first, and try to divide neighbor against neighbor. When they turn their backs on us, we choose to keep showing up for each other. Together, we can elect leaders who will show up with us and for us – not just on election day, but every day. You can help by volunteering to talk to people in your community at their door and on the phone, and encouraging Kentuckians to vote. We are Kentuckians. We choose each other. Join us.

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