Coal and Water Actions

We need your participation at upcoming hearings on fracking

An aerial view of gas wells in Wyoming

Should Kentucky allow the development of high volume hydraulic fracking for oil and gas or should we ban it like other states and municipalities have? If it’s going to be allowed, how should it be controlled so as to minimize damage to workers, neighbors, water, air and land? Or are those concerns even of any consequence?

The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet wants to hear the public’s views on those issues at three public hearing to take place in July. The input will be compiled for an oil and gas “working group” that was formed in 2014 to advise the cabinet on oil and gas development, including fracking.

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Writing a letter to the editor is something simple and easy that can reach thousands of Kentuckians and help to educate, organize, and build awareness around the issues that we care about. Even very short letters can be powerful.