KFTC’s New Power PAC endorses Attica Scott and McKenzie Cantrell in state House elections | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth
Release Date: 
Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Press Contact: 
Dana Beasley Brown
KFTC Chairperson

KFTC’s New Power PAC endorses Attica Scott and McKenzie Cantrell in state House elections
Democratic primary is May 17

Today, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth’s New Power PAC announced the endorsement of Attica Scott in the State House District 41 Democratic primary and McKenzie Cantrell in the State House District 38 Democratic primary.

KFTC is recommending Scott and Cantrell to its membership and to voters in those Jefferson County districts. The New Power PAC endorses candidates who share a commitment to the social, economic and environmental issues KFTC members believe are important for moving our community and state forward.

Scott has been an important leader in Louisville advocating on behalf of lower and middle class families. As a Metro Council member, in 2014 she was the primary sponsor of Louisville’s minimum wage increase ordinance. She also worked to pass a Louisville resolution in favor of restoring voting rights to former felons who have served their debt society. She has also worked over the years to shine a light on and address the issues of environmental justice and racism in Louisville.

“We are excited to endorse Attica Scott! As a Black female independent voter with young children, I believe Scott represents my family and many others in the district. She is the candidate that can best transform our democracy and help lead Kentucky into a brighter future,” said KFTC member Cassia Herron. “Scott has always been on the right side of justice and we know she will continue that legacy in the Kentucky legislature.”

Similarly, Cantrell works tirelessly on behalf of lower income and middle class families. She shares a vision for a Kentucky where families have economic security, good jobs with higher wages and benefits, and affordable healthcare and education. Through her work as a labor rights attorney with Kentucky Equal Justice Center, she was among those working to pass local minimum wage increases in Louisville and Lexington and will fight just as strongly in the General Assembly for a statewide minimum wage increase.

“McKenzie is a labor lawyer who fights for regular people in labor disputes and is a strong, motivated candidate, who is excited to work with District 38 residents to create more prosperity, safety and good development,” said KFTC member Beth Thorpe.