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Power Plants

National Day of Climate Action Event in Frankfort

The Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition (KSEC) invites all to a rally called, "Hey, Mitch McConnell: Stop Blocking Our Future" at the Old Capitol Building in Frankfort at 5:30 pm. This event is in solidarity with the People's Climate Movement's national day of action. 

Some see better future as coal wanes

This article describes the opportunity Kentuckians have to begin to transform our energy system, economy and politics in ways that are good for all people. It provides KFTC members' reactions to the EPA's Clean Power Plan, announced in August 2015.

Labor and the Clean Power Plan

This Sierra Club article provides a good overview of issues and opportunities related to job creation and displacement (and the need to ensure that new jobs are good jobs) in the EPA's Clean Power Plan.

Environmental Justice and the Clean Power Plan

This Sierra Club article provides a good overview of many important environmental justice issues related to the design and implemetation of the EPA's Clean Power Plan.

Health disparities, race and asthma

This study looked at the prevalence of asthma across different racial groups in the US, and how those trends have changed over time. It confirms that African Americans are more likely to have asthma than white people in the US, while Hispanics have lower asthma rates than whites. It also found that while low economic status is associated with higher rates of asthma, racial differences persist even after accounting for income and education. 


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