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Shelby County KFTC Year of Community-Building

Members from the Shelby Co. KFTC chapter will be kicking off their ‘Year of Community Building” this April. Just in time for Spring and Earth Day, the first event will be a film screening and discussion of Annie Leonard’s short film “The Story of Stuff”, a film “about the way we make, use and throw away all the Stuff in our lives.” 

Events throughout the upcoming year will include past successes such as a chili supper, a pie auction, and other film screenings, but will also seek to have more integrated events focusing on building community. 

One plan is an arts workshops and exhibition day, where members will work to create and explore art that is an expression of the unique community. The workshops will encourage expression and communication between community-members.

Another event in the making is a fairness ice cream social. This will likely take place in July after the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. Talks are occurring between KFTC members and various community organizations to secure co-sponsors of the event. 

Other events planned include a trivia night, a community leadership workshop and a ‘Rural Roots’ dinner which hopes to see collaboration between KFTC and other community groups in the area. 

The first two upcoming events:

1.) Story of Stuff Film Screening on April 27th:
2.) Pie Auction and Social on May 14th: