Kentucky Poor People's Campaign

Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival logo

Join Kentuckians from across the state as we join with more than 30 other states in taking our message of racial, economic and environmental justice and a peace economy to our state capital.

Every Monday from May 14 to June 18, come join a Non-Violent Moral Fusion Direct Action in Frankfort hosted by the Kentucky Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revivial. Direct action trainings are held before each event. Sign up with the campaign to to learn about each action, trainings, and events. 

These are the themes every week:

  • May 14 – Somebody’s Hurting Our People: Child poverty, Women, and People with Disabilities.
  • May 21 – Linking Systemic Racism and Poverty: Voting Rights, Immigration, Mass Incarceration, Islamophobia and mistreatment of Indigenous Communities
  • May 29 – The War Economy: militarism and the proliferation of gun violence
  • June 4 – Ecological Devastation and the Right Health
  • June 11 – Everybody’s Got the Right to Live: Education, Jobs, Income and Housing
  • June 18 – A New and Unsettling Force
  • June 23 – Mass rally in Washington, D.C. and Global Day of Solidarity

Fundamental Principles:

  1. We are rooted in a moral analysis based on our deepest religious and constitutional values that demand justice for all. Moral revival is necessary to save the heart and soul of our democracy. 
  2. We are committed to lifting up and deepening the leadership of those most affected by systemic racism, poverty, the war economy, and ecological devastation and to building unity across lines of division. 
  3. We believe in the dismantling of unjust criminalization systems that exploit poor communities and communities of color and the transformation of the “War Economy” into a “Peace Economy” that values all humanity. 
  4. We believe that equal protection under the law is non-negotiable. 
  5. We believe that people should not live in or die from poverty in the richest nation ever to exist. Blaming the poor and claiming that the United States does not have an abundance of resources to overcome poverty are false narratives used to perpetuate economic exploitation, exclusion, and deep inequality. 
  6. We recognize the centrality of systemic racism in maintaining economic oppression must be named, detailed and exposed empirically, morally and spiritually. Poverty and economic inequality cannot be understood apart from a society built on white supremacy. 
  7. We aim to shift the distorted moral narrative often promoted by religious extremists in the nation from issues like prayer in school, abortion, and gun rights to one that is concerned with how our society treats the poor, those on the margins, the least of these, LGBTQIA folks, workers, immigrants, the disabled and the sick; equality and representation under the law; and the desire for peace, love and harmony within and among nations.  
  8. We will build up the power of people and state-based movements to serve as a vehicle for a powerful moral movement in the country and to transform the political, economic and moral structures of our society.  
  9. We recognize the need to organize at the state and local level—many of the most regressive policies are being passed at the state level, and these policies will have long and lasting effect, past even executive orders. The movement is not from above but below.  
  10. We will do our work in a non-partisan way—no elected officials or candidates get the stage or serve on the State Organizing Committee of the Campaign. This is not about left and right, Democrat or Republican but about right and wrong.  
  11. We uphold the need to do a season of sustained moral direct action as a way to break through the tweets and shift the moral narrative. We are demonstrating the power of people coming together across issues and geography and putting our bodies on the line to the issues that are affecting us all.  
  12. The Campaign and all its Participants and Endorsers embrace nonviolence. Violent tactics or actions will not be tolerated.