Racial Justice

KFTC is working for a day when discrimination is wiped out of our laws, habits, and hearts.

First Thursday Club - Madison County Chapter

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Get Out Film Screening

Join Northern Kentucky members and others in the community for a screening of Get Out, the acclaimed psychological thriller that deals with race in America.
Following the showing of the film there will be a discussion about what the audience took away from the film, and about how close (or far) away from acheiving racial justice America is in 2018. 

Get Out Film Screening

The Scott County chapter co-hosted a showing of the film Get Out with allies in Georgetown as a continuation of a racial justice film series.

Northern Kentucky chapter unpacks politics

Michelle Slaughter, Jason Reser, Arnold Simpson, Pam Mullins, Ken Rechtin, and Sister Janet

Northern Kentucky members have expressed an interest in trying to help understand how local government works since the resistance training in January. Out of that training they hosted an Unpack Politics forum to help people better understand how different levels of government work. Be it city, county, school board, or state government, many people are unsure as to what government is responsible for what.


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